This restaurant was opened in Manila by a food hobbyist who is also a businessman himself. It has been established long in existence since the year 2000.

It is located right in the heart of Makati City, along Pasay road, just a short walking distance from the infamous Greenbelt Shopping Mall, and right behind the New World Hotel.

The entrance to the restaurant could be a bit of a challenge though as it is on the second floor of a wine shop which might lead you to ask on why is it there. As you come up the staircase leading to the place and enter the restaurant, you’ll find it surprisingly spacious similar to New York Soho Restaurants. You will discover a quiet place of refuge with walls of antique bricks which a lot of guests find chic and stylish.

President Noynoy Aquino himself is a regular customer since 2002.
Our menu includes not only yakiniku, but seafood grill, hot pot, various Japanese dishes, and lots of appetizers as well. Moreover, our price is very reasonable, and regardless of your age group, you can come along with your group of friends, your family, as well as your tour buddies may enjoy our superbly delicious menu. So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us now!
住所: Ground Floor Sunvar Plaza Building Amorosolo Street Baranguy Pio Del Pilar
TEL: 0918 292 1006